Kayla Wong Property

Kayla Wong

When I was in university, I spent 2 years of my uni life in UK volunteering to lead freshmen from all over the world to settle down as seamlessly and quickly as possible in a new city. As a strong believer of being a servant leader, I am definitely not afraid to work hard in whatever tasks I uptake.

As I transitioned into working life, I am committed to upholding my values and continue serving people with my 200%. This has always been how I have been able to bring business back to the firm with a strong track record of referrals from all walks of life.

Taking pride in my work and gaining satisfaction from bringing values to people, your best interest is my fiduciary duty that I owe to you. You can expect nothing less than my very best.


Targeted ReferralsCommercial Landlords, Industrial Landlords, Medical Suites Landlords
Potential Collaboration PartnersCommercial ID, Feng Shui Masters, Branding Specialists, Signages, Printers etc
TradeCommercial Real Estate