Unlock The Power of Networking

Come network with a group of highly motivated individuals over breakfast every Wednesday, 7.45am at YMCA Metropolitan on Stevens Road

Why Join a BNI Chapter in Singapore?

In Sight, In Mind

It's hard for people to forget you when you keep appearing before them. We conduct networking sessions every Wednesday from 8.00am to 9.30am.

It works

Numbers don't lie. With over 7000 chapters, 6.9 million referrals passed and S$13 billion in done deals globally, there's definitely business for you.

Referral System

Members pass business to each other on a weekly basis. Even if your own business contacts run dry, someone's going to end the drought.

One Person Per Trade

No two people in the chapter represent the same trade, so you can focus on passing referrals and making collaborations instead of unhealthy competition.

Effective Networking

Networking should not just be about exchanging name cards. We exchange experience, stories and business contacts to help each other grow.

Personal Growth

Mature with your business. With weekly meetings and one-minute pitches, your networking and presentation skills are bound to improve.