About BNI Origins

The Origins of BNI Origins

The BNI Origins core group was formed in January 2017 with only three to four members. After six months of working together, the chapter was officially launched as a BNI Chapter in July 2017 with 25 members.

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Young & Dynamic Culture

BNI Origins has a distinctive culture. We are young, dynamic yet professional. A significant percentage of visitors appreciate that we strike a balance between having fun and being serious about our work.

Embracing Technology

We are one of the first BNI Chapter in Singapore to fully leverage on the latest BNI Connect Mobile App to keep track of our weekly referrals, one-to-one meetings and done deals.

We are also using Telegram to facilitate communication among the members. The efficiency and convenience save everyone time and effort.

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Leading High Performance Chapter

Various performance metrics such as member retention rate, referral rate and attendance are used to judge the performance of a BNI Chapter.

Lead by committed leaders and members, at BNI Origins, we are proud to be one of the leading BNI Chapter in Singapore that have consistent stellar performance .